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Building digital tools for
a global transition

South Africa is on the verge of becoming a country that offers a high quality of life and a comparably low cost of living through an integrated renewable energy and resource efficiency programme that will be benchmarked in the future of Africa’s sustainability endeavours. With South Africa being first, we are building and maintaining tools that are based on a bundled approach to procurement with centralised governance structures.


Helping to end modern day slavery in our lifetime

As part of our social impact we partner with a non-profit organisation Mandate 836 leveraging our tech stack and funding to help end the atrocious existence of modern day slavery. 


Through our partnership we have witnessed the real-time rescuing of victims of human-trafficking and are developing whistleblowing techniques, anonymous reporting tools to help drive the Mandate 836 agenda forward.


More than 42 Million people around the world are in some form of forced labour today.


Real-life rescue documentaries shot and produced by Okelani Digital


Victims reached through the technology we built.


Providing Enterprise-grade
Support to a multifaceted
group of companies

We helped Anheuser-Busch develop a platform of responsive web and native mobile apps that provide employees and customers alike with sales and marketing information to make informed decisions. By partnering with AB across the entire lifecycle of the product—from strategy and design to development and optimization—we’ve introduced an iterative process that adapts to changing business needs and rapidly places new features in users’ hands.


Web applications we built and support daily 


CRM solutions we support and maintain.


Enterprise support for entire group digital stack.


Supporting a community
of Industry Experts

With a growing audience of black professionals in the Energy Sector, we designed a member-centric, mobile-first solution for BEPA to create a convergence of ideas and opportunities among people who were in the past alienated from the conversation.  


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